What is AIZAI?

Aizai is a product developed by Rainjul LLC, a privately held company based in Folsom, CA.

Aizai 1.4 is the first fully integrated support for the WebKit, the same engine that powers Apple’s Safari web browser. Aizai is the first technology to allow individuals and groups to view, create and distribute digital photos, movies, music, web pages, documents and folders via virtual television channels.

Related to the Aizai product is the Aizai Web Tuner. Aizai channels are accessible via the web to users worldwide on any platform.

Aizai works with all standard QuickTime media formats (including streaming video), video-conferencing is possible provided streams are made available over the Internet/intranet (technologies such as QuickTime Broadcaster or QuickTime Streaming Server) to all parties wishing to participate. Aizai itself contains no built-in software support for specific desktop video cameras.

Aizai has released the Aizai Open Channel Server, a fully open source internet channel server!

To download the free Aizai Open Channel Server source code, contact us.

Aizai has also released the first draft specification of our open CHTP-A channel transfer protocol. This protocol allows developers to build fully interoperable, Aizai-compliant channel servers, browsers, authoring tools and services.

Aizai is not only for entertainment, it can be easily adapted to various other applications in business, industry, learning and education. It is used by universities, e-learning software companies, training and development software developers and independent trainers too. A typical example application of Aizai for educational use, is an e-learning program developed for HAZOP Training.

If you would like to know more about Aizai for Enterprise software applications, please get in touch with our development team.