Think Locally.

Broadcast Globally

The Aizai Global Broadcaster works in tandem with the Aizai Global Tuner to help get your message out there quickly and easily. Seamlessly integrated with Apple’s .Mac service, Aizai Global Tuner gives you one more way to get the most out of your .Mac investment. If you don’t yet have a .Mac account, Aizai Global Broadcaster can be configured to use standard WebDAV servers instead.

Aizai Global Broadcaster Allows You To:

  • Create and manage your own channels.
  • Broadcast nearly any kind of information: movies, digital photos, audio, PDF, web pages, documents and folders.
  • Password-protect personal, family or otherwise private channels.
  • Track traffic statistics for your channels.
  • Create dynamic channel content that changes based upon user feedback or requests.
  • Let other network users help manage your channels.
  • Manage your network profile information, including photo and public description.
  • Assign pictures to your channels and channel assets.
  • Manage comments submitted by users re: your broadcasts.
  • Recieve automatic notification when comments are submitted to your channels.