How it works

Aizai is conceptually extremely simple. Here’s how it works:


1) Channel Service Networks, such as Aizai, respond to the new CHTP-A protocol. CHTP-A is primarily used to organize pointers – or “deep links” – to information residing on the Internet and/or on an organization’s intranet. Channel Service Networks do not store any data (such as movies, pictures, audio, or other documents) themselves! Such data must be available elsewhere in order for users to tune into it.

2) Channel Browsers, such as Aizai Global Tuner, talk to channel service networks via the CHTP-A protocol. There they find out where information is stored on the Internet so that the information (movies, digital photos etc) can be retrieved via standard internet protocols (such as HTTP) and displayed.

3) Channel Managers, such as Aizai Global Broadcaster, describe channels to channel service networks and tell them where channel resources can be found on the Internet. Such tools may use protocols such as WebDAV or FTP to place new resources on the internet where they can be retrieved by channel browsers.